6 Months in Perth: Abridged. | 11th - 13th Nov 2011

11th Nov
  • Arrive into Perth's shitty airport after a horrific red-eye flight from Hong Kong (The usual; screaming babies, seat neighbour having halitosis, rock hard seat and getting no sleep.)
  • Get to my house in Leederville, (Living with new workmates, it's nice) and sleep for a few hours before I get summoned to hang out and drink with work colleagues.
  • We meet at The Royal, East Perth. A busy post-work bar/restaurant overlooking Claisebrook Cove. A trip into Perth City to rooftop bar The Conservatory (can't remember it, except for wooden floors and benches) before ending the night at The Garden in Leederville.
Day's Verdict: Tiring, unexpected big night.


12th Nov
  • Picked up early(ish) morning to be driven around and shown the sights and sounds of Perth, seeing beaches, coastline, sand and sea, driving around suburbs and down into Fremantle.
  • Lunch was eaten at a brewery owned restaurant called Little Creatures, was good.
  • Wandered around Fremantle, a touristy, backpackery, buzzy place that has the essence of being a bit pretentious and hates change.
  • Afternoon drinks back at the Garden in Leederville before having a massive houseparty, consisting of 4 people.
Day's Verdict: Chilled but filled.


13th Nov
  • Hungover, nothing happened.
  • Evening spent having a Sunday session AKA Sunday night drinks at the Garden (again!)
Day's Verdict: Tired, oh so tired.

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