Thailand. Part II. | Feb 26th

As my friends were nursing hangovers, jet-lag and any other miscellaneous issues that may have occurred through the night, I decided to get up and make use of the rooftop pool of our hotel, which was damn pleasant, gliding on the surface of the calm warm water in the morning light in amongst neighbouring highrises was my idea of a perfect start to a day, especially after the previous night.

Eventually, people rose from their slumber and over breakfast orange juices and beers, we decide we'd head on the skytrain high above a sun soaked hazy bustling city with views of endless layers of skyscrapers as the haze eventually drowned out the urban development. We arrive to a very busy station to a pretty large market, which turned out to be the largest market in. the. World!

Our way to the entrance was no easy task with a narrow path adjacent to a busy road, being used up with vendors selling their goods. This was a mostly enjoyable experience, looking at the endless amounts of crap for sale, that people seemed to be buying, no doubt for the joy of haggling, until a friend and I noticed a woman with a disturbing facial disease or syndrome, I wasn't quite sure what it was, all I know was that the joy disappeared in an instant, not because it was necessarily horrible to look at, it was more of the shock, that this is the sort of thing you would see on a late night program aired on the Discovery Channel, not on the streets of Bangkok, but then again, this is Bangkok, expect the unexpected.

The market was your usual affair of narrow walkways with available space used by some random product from beer to blanket, food to furniture, souvenirs to shirts, plants to pets, in fact, I found the pets was the most distressing bit of the market all seeing all these hot puppies and kittens in cages cooled down by a small fan and, worst of all, people selling leashed chipmunks that were dressed up in various costumes, these people were cunts and I could've quite easily punched the teeth out through the back of their necks, especially that chipmunk bastard.

Anyway, I have a limited patience for markets and added with the 36C heat, amount of people, and general closeness of the atmosphere very weary and tiring after a while, others seemed to be enjoying themselves shopping for random koi-carp t-shirts, tiny flannels to wipe off sweat and ridiculously tiny hats for their huge heads to keep the sun off.

We left the market and aimed for, what I presumed was, the downtown area but who knows, I'm yet to see a map of Bangkok and it probably has 20 downtowns, we get off at a shopping plaza and we were greeted with the pleasant surprise of a ukulele festival, which seemed to be drawing quite a crowd, as you'd expect from any random event held in Asia. The guy we saw on stage seemed like a big deal for whatever reason, as he spouting out some random lyrics at us in his native tongue with, the tiny twangs of these tiny guitars being played.

Getting hungry and learning that we have a 12 hour train journey ahead of us that evening, we decide to stock up on a large late lunch at a nearby Sky dining bar and do that over a large glass of beer, a 1 litre glass, well, some of us guys did the others had quaint delicate fruit smoothies.

So, stuff happened in between and my next memory takes me to it being dark and running for the train. The 12 hours on that train, really rolled on by, as we were confined to small section of a corridor of bunk beds, so we ate our 7-Eleven snacks for dinner and played various drinking games until 3 in the morning, when we eventually passed out.

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