6 Months in Perth: Abridged. | 23rd - 29th Jan 2012

23rd Jan
  • Moved back home to the place I moved into when I first arrived, from the shit hole I'd previously been calling a shit hole.
Day's Verdict: Home, sweet, home.

24th Jan
  • R and R.
Day's Verdict: Nothing of interest happened.

25th Jan
  • With the next day off, a trip to my local, The Garden, was called for, to consume random solids of food and swallow random liquids of drink.
Day's Verdict: Was a good night.

26th Jan
  • Australia Day!
  • Super hot week so far, with temperatures staying above 40C the last place you'd want to be for it is a rooftop bar.
  • The Aviary was our venue of choice, a new bar in Downtown Perth, that's perched on a rooftop, underlooking the Perth highrises.
  • Thankfully, we got in there early to enjoy the use of a near-by fan, awesome service (except for one rude prick) supplying us with more water than Niagara Falls could throw up and the most amazing BBQ.
  • Most of the day was spent listening to the Australian Day tradition of listening to the Triple J (Australia's BBC Radio 1) Top 100, some song got number 1, it was as expected and a bit rubbish, so not worth me remembering it.
  • As night fell and drinks still flowing, a lightning storm rolled in as people were getting ready for Perth's Australia Day Skyworks, which was sold to me as the same as Sydney's New Year's Fireworks... 
  • ...Well, what a load of bollocks that was, saw no fireworks or lightning as the buildings obscured the show. Worst. Display. Ever.
  • Amazing pictures of the Perth's skyline did emerge with fireworks and lightning erupting at the same time. Here.
Day's Verdict: Long.

27th Jan
  • R and R.
Day's Verdict: Nothing of interest happened.

28th Jan
  • Amazing session of peddling and padding on bike and board, respectively.
  • Cricket in the evening, the 20/20 Cricket Big Bash Final, Perth Scorchers v Sydney Sixers.
  • Perth got destroyed.
Day's Verdict: It had its ups and downs.

29th Jan
  • Breakfast of fruit toast and peanut butter, reading the paper, people watching, drinking coffee and water, with the ambient sounds of loud frantic jazz.
  • Watched the Melbourne Tennis final, I don't even like tennis, but this match where "Rafael Nadal lost to Novak Djokovic in the longest Grand Slam singles final in the history of professional tennis on Sunday after 5 hours, 53 minutes." - from, Fox News Latino.
Day's Verdict: 40/love.

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