Art Think | 4th September 2011 | 23:01 PDT

Spending a lot of time looking around the Vancouver Art Gallery thanks to their doors being open, I stop looking at the art and end up looking at people looking at art, what could they possibly be thinking?

Are they admiring the brush strokes and their sweeping wavy nature over the canvas, each peak of left by the hairs of the brush reflecting light in a new a wonderful way, that changes the very nature of the painting from every angle?

Yes, it appears to be wonky (via

Are they admiring the colours used by the artist, to help interpret a certain mood and occasion to the scene and how he saw that particular moment in time and give people a view into his perspective on life and it's colourful light?

Are they admiring the objects and their composition within the picture how each placement reacts and talks to each other within the scene to create an unusual twist on normal everyday life, opening your eyes to something you never thought possible?

I never thought that was possible! Incrediballs! (

Are they admiring the frame and how it compliments the picture and extends and lifts the painting out from the canvas in to the world around it setting it free, or perhaps constricting it to put it in it's place to stop its beauty getting out of control?

Are they admiring the meaning behind the picture finding their own truths about their personal life and personality, showing the viewer something they could never say in words nor be able to draw themselves and ultimately result them in being a better person, helping them feel less alone in the world.

Man admires this fantastic piece of art to help him feel less alone, fatty (via

The thing is, nobody really gives a shit about all that.

These people seem to be thinking about absolutely nothing at all. They're just doing what everyone else is doing, because that's what you do in an art gallery and it makes them feel like they're apart of the crowd. You stare at the art intently close for a few minutes looking like you know what's going on and you've discovered something no one else has before "Oh look, paint!".

When your patience is up with that picture, you move on with a concluding thought after those few minutes of nothingness, just an empty thought ball of space bouncing around your skull.

“Well, that was a picture... Hey, there's another!”

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kandls said...

i always enjoy reading your blogs. you are too funny. so serious a statement, then bam, the punchline. thanks for the giggle.