Nosey Neighbour | 2nd September 2011 | 23:58 PDT

My laptop points towards my only window, from my window yonder as I ponder, I see another highrise building populated by people living their lives quite normally. For me it's like a silent film I can't escape without shutting the blinds, but seeing as I like sunlight and people watching.

There are 4 people that operate their lives with their blinds open. I look at them because it's either look at them, look at a tree and as we all know, trees are shit for quick dynamism fix of visual entertainment or work.

I'm also quick to add I don't stare out my window all day taking notes like some weirdo.

Well, maybe... (via

Flashy man
This guy's a few floors up and appears onto his balcony occasionally for a couple of minutes during daylight before scoffing the view as he remembers he hates mountains and the sun. He then goes back inside to watch what seems like a strobe light for a few hours every night.

University Students
Students + freedom = fun! Loud busy parties, puking over balconies, alcohol, beer can sculptures, smoke filled rooms, BBQs, fun fuun fuuuun fuuuuuuuuuun! - unfortunately this equation doesn't work for all, as these students are the most seriously boring students in the world, I imagine their conversations go:
“Oh, look at the view Wilfred”
“Yes Sebastian, quite exquisite... Oh, look we've been in the sun for 4 minutes, better go inside as not to burn”
“Wilfred, remember that time we stayed outside for almost an hour without water, I do think I almost went blind from sun stroke”
“Those were the crazy days, weren't they”
“Chess and a mug of Darjeeling?”
“As long as it's decaffeinated”
*Chortle Chortle Chortle*

They don't even look that posh, they just look in a constant cloud of grey boredom – and enjoying it.

I've never had so much fun (via

Gay Black Couple
They're happy and love to share with the world how happy their lives are with public displays of affection on the balcony – thankfully it doesn't get any more graphic than laughing and having a good time.

Asian Lady
All I've noticed is that she does nothing but eat and it's starting to show as she seems to wear nothing but once loose exercise gear, maybe she has the best intentions of going to the gym but get distracted by the shiny fridge and it's magnets, who knows... It could be something like a really personal experience like a bad breakup but c'mon! It's almost been 3 months, get over it, no one's going to go love you, if you continue to keep your mouth open at the end of that food conveyor belt. I should be a good concerned neighbour and create a big sign saying “Oi, soon to be fatty boom boom, the building can only support so much weight, why don't you do some exercise?”

This might also work to hammer in the point (via

And as these people look out their window they see some guy, randomly air guitaring, moving furniture, singing and dancing, accidentally and constantly displaying himself from the shower but mostly looking blankly out the window like simpleton that's forgotten to engage his brain as he picks at his ear, ignores the drool going down his top, thinking to themselves “Least he's trying to live to normal life, but it's not for everyone”

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