Farewell Summer | 6th September 2011 | 22:23 PDT

Recently it seems, people simply cannot be bothered stringing a sentence together when they choose to communicate words to me, instead just throwing out singular words, for me to pluck out the rest of the sentence for myself.

“Beach” - is all I had to work from, which I could take as...
  -  “I'm at the beach and you're not” - which would be incredibly presumptuous of them to think, but also correct at the time.
  -  “I'm dyslexic and you're a bitch” - Very unlikely as I'm not a female dog
  -  “Do you fancy coming to the beach with me?” - This was more likely to be the sentence I was looking for. “Yes” I reply.

I meet a few people down at the beach for what would officially be the end of summer gathering, as it's the day after Labor Day and beginning of the shit seasons.

Beach BBQ

Most of the time was spent hanging out on the beach by the kayak rental shop, shooting the shit for a few hours, cooking my skin under the sun with a cool coastal breeze keeping everything in check. As the afternoon wore on, more people joined and we decided to take a few paddleboards out for one last time and generally get over-excited and frolic around on the water, as people generally do whenever water is added to any social equation.

Busker and his casual groupie whores

We quickly got dog bored of boarding when we smelt the BBQ slowly giving off its tasty aroma out into the open air and the kayak shop, lifeguards and friends all converged together to consume the most incredible food, a busker stopped by played his acoustic guitar in exchange for food and the sun went down on summer.


But... seeing as summer was late to come and luckily, seemingly late to go, the city of Vancouver can expect a few more weeks of sunshine making this goodbye a bit redundant. Oh well, was a great day regardless.

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