Rare Synchronisation with the World | 16th September 2011 | 21:04 PDT

As summer has finished and the grey duvet of clouds appear once again over Vancouver, everything becomes really sedate as residents and tourist flock with the birds to sunnier climes, which is quite refreshing after a busy summer of annoying lost people not having a clue as to where they're going because this unusual bright circle is in their eyes.

I decide to go out for a paddleboarding session as I have no other plans and head to the far end of Jericho Beach from Granville Island. The ocean is pleasant and lake-like there are no speedboats, jetskis, wakes or waves to contend with and fragments of sunlight pushing through the fog to add to a calming and atmospheric mood.

Getting to Jericho, 2 harbor seals are looking for food diving down for a while before bobbing back up, they seem to have given up on that idea when they see me and they decide to circle my board and begin thrashing and splashing around, no doubt trying to make me fall off, those fuckers. After a minutes they get dog bored and swim off somewhere else.

Don't be mean, we only wanted to play!!

Few hours later, I return to shore and seeing as I'm at Granville Island, I grab a much needed lunch and drink an over loved latte and wander around the markets. I take the Burrard Bridge back to the West End passing an artisan chocolate makers and partake in a private chocolate tasting session.

I get talking to the lady behind the counter about wine and because I showed enthusiasm towards drinking it and very basic knowledge, she points me to a wine shop in the West End that do free wine tasting sessions, having no other plans I go there and like the chocolate makers, I partake in a private wine tasting session.

I need to taste all of it - just in case I missed any subtle notes of flavour

I leave the wine store and a bearded guy on the street stops me and tells me to “go down that road, find a white car and show some photo ID” - Hmmm, well it wasn't like a dark alley way and there were many people around, so I thought what the hell, so I did.

I find the white car with a girl waiting outside and I show her my ID, she opens the side door and pulls out a clear plastic bag with a crate of beer inside, she smiles with a cheery “Have a feel good Friday and a great weekend from Molson!” [Molson, is a local brewery] “I will, thank you!”

Yup, today was a good day.

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