I Expected Too Much | 14th September 2011 | 16:41 PDT

One thing I had noticed in this city of rude people, is by contrast how friendly the bus drivers are, especially within Downtown. Every ride within the busiest part of Vancouver, I'm greeted with a happy man behind the wheel, pleased to see everyone enter through the gates.

They're happy, fun, great sense of humour, ask them any question and they'll answer to the best of their ability, I imagine they enjoy long walks on the beach and putting their feet up and enjoying a good book, which is incredible considering the amount of shit they have to take on a daily basis.

They're also aware of the other rider's discomfort when some prat is tripping off his face pores from consuming too many drugs dakaris after a night out on drains and even though they don't smash the soberness back into his skin, they will call in reinforcements to take that fucker down. That's why, I like to think of them as the Knights of Vancouver.

Next stop, medieval on your ass (via library.thinkquest.org)

However, leave Downtown and these noble noblemen become, hmm, what's the word? Dipshits.

As I was wandering aimlessly in a rural nightmare, I notice a saving grace beacon up ahead to save my soul, something that will end this monotonous terror of being stuck in butt-fuck nowhere, without wifi and few coins in my pocket. I wanted a fairly quick exit, this would help. No chance.

Now, getting a bus anywhere in Vancouver is pretty perilous thanks to the lack of information at the bus stops, they're essentially a sign with a random number and name of a made up place plucked out from Middle Earth, it would also appear that putting route maps is a far to big an ask to help people, but it seems Canada gave up on making maps when Newfoundland was newly found and landed upon.

What? Huh? Dunno. (via sanfranciscosentinel.com)

I was fully reliant on my psychic powers to get on the right bus and the driver to guide me back to safety and share their knowledge to point you in the right direction if I was on the wrong bus.

Getting on the bus, the doors immediately close behind me and the bus drives off.
“Does this bus go south?”
“No, 'fraid not”
“You'll need another bus”
“Do you know which one?”
“Hmm,” He points to a bus going in the opposite direction “That one?”
“Oh, I don't appear to be having much luck with buses today! Haha”
“I suppose you'll be wanting to get off?”
“If you wouldn't mind”
He sighs and pulls over and lets me off
“Thank you!”
He sighs again

Honestly? You want me to do MY JOB, urgh... (via mylespaul.com)

Those assholes, make me feel like the biggest idiot on the face of the earth for not knowing the “insider” knowledge of public transit and making him make one extra stop from his allotted allowance was the biggest ask he's had ALL day. He's a bus driver, stopping and opening doors should, come naturally to him like breathing.

I know I shouldn't expect all bus drivers to know everything about the routes and the like, but this conversation more-or-less happened 3 times in quick succession, it's their attitude I didn't appreciate though this is probably because they're all in the process of dying of a broken heart of failed dreams of wanting to work in Downtown, those assholes.

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