LOL Cat | 20th September 2011 | 22:17 PDT

Vancouver has a reputation for being an “unfun city” or “dull city” I can't remember the exact term of phrase, I always just assumed it was simply known as “That's Canada!” but no, this is very much a Vancouver focussed self-jibe.

This means when something exciting does happen Vancouverites burst with so much excitement and enthusiasm about their sudden electric shock of action to their life, they need to share their story there and then with someone, absolutely anyone, even a random English bloke on the street that happens to be waiting at a red light to cross the road.

You seem nice, let me tell you my life. (via

“I can't believe that! Did you see it?” - A businesswoman says coming to a stand still next to me as she waits for the light next to me.
“No, think I missed it, what happened?
“I just stroked a homeless guy's cat!”
“WOW!!! THAT'S AMAZING!” is what I was fighting to restrain myself from saying, I went with the more conservative “Oh right, cool”
“It was a stray and everything”
  -  thinking she's probably got some disease, I take a small step to the side away from her
“Really? That's brave.”
“But the thing is, it attacked me and scratched my skin”
She shows me her hand and I hum in the only way you can when a stranger is showing you their hand with a cut on it, thinking I should add more input.
“That's why I hate cats, I hoped you kicked it”
“True, thing is, I thought this one was different, it was wearing a cape and was called Precious.”
I turn around to look at the most evil looking cat I have ever seen, wearing the Canadian flag for a cape, no doubt pissed off by his predicament.

This evil. (via

“So there is, looks kind of evil”
“Wow, my hand's bleeding and is really swelling up!”
  -  Her hand is now twice the size to when I just previously saw it
“It looks infected, you should probably see a doctor”
“I'm sure it's fine, what harm can cats do?”
“Cat scratch fever, fleas, rabies, ringworm, Toxoplasmosis to name just 5 from the top of my head”
“Well, have a great day”
“...Yeah, you too?”

It wasn't until the end of our conversation that it dawned on me the excitement of the whole incident made her deaf to me and I was involved in weird a slight two way, individual one way conversation, doesn't really matter, it's just when she starting to add oral bubbles to her bath in a few days time, she will wish she had listened to my advice to see the doctor!

Now, what appears to be the problem? (via

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