Foundations for Further Fun | 20th September 2011 | 10:17 PDT

I think everyone has been in this predicament.

The scenario: It's a house party, people crave fun, people need booze, people want booze and fun to be mixed together in some lethal cocktail that will result in exponential merriment as time rolls on. Unfortunately, the fun part was stifled when the instructions to bring ping pong balls got lost in translation and a jar of pickles was presented to the party patrons, which naturally was met with blank stares of bewilderment.

Just before we turned into an angry mob over this epic fail which would have resulted in us chasing him down the street, catching and sacrificing him on a burning barge in honour to the house party god to help bring us better luck.

This will be the last thing you'll ever see, if you don't fix this (via

He quickly justified his mistake by explaining he was actually introducing us to a new drinking game. Yes we were all sceptical and confused by this, but we needed drink and entertainment so we gave him the benefit of the doubt and played along, pitchforks and flaming torches in hand just in case it was shit.

Playing is simple:
  -  Stand over an open jar of dill pickles.
  -  Have a fork in hand and held at nipple height.
  -  Drop the fork into the jar.
  -  Try and spear and remove a pickle from the jar

This is your mission, should you choose to accept it (via

And the rules were easy:
  -  If, you miss the jar or it doesn't go in, you drink
  -  If, your folk gets stuck on the rim of the jar, you finish your drink.
  -  If you drop it into the jar and don't spear a pickle, or you do spear a pickle but don't remove it successfully, you don't drink.
  -  If, you spear a pickle and successfully get it out from it glassy prison, you nominate someone to drink.

The good vibrations this unusual game brought to the party and the yelling of “Nipples! Nipples!” for about 45minutes, was the very foundations for more fun and antics later on in the night and resulting in me crawling back home into bed at 630am, feeling thoroughly pickled.

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