People Do This For Fun? | 8th September 2011 | 23:01 PDT

Friends and I organised to go somewhere to enjoy the rapidly dying summer out of town, we piled into a hire car and drove an hour out of town towards Squamish. Why? Because we were going to ascend a big block of granite rock called 'The Stawamus Chief' all 2,297 feet of it.

We parked up, and walked through a small forested area that was littered with campers with their lines of dirty washing. This would be the beginning of the trail marked by someone's freshly cleaned Y-fronts.

What's wrong with Febreze?

The first part of the route is a big staircase made up from a  mixture of uneven rocky steps to some wooden sensible steps, and we climbed up for around 40 minutes, it was both unrelenting and brutal. Being as super-fit as I am, I died 38 minutes prior to reaching the top of this section.

No Stairway to Heaven

We enjoyed a half-way house view over some trees for a rest bite, it was a mini reward for all that physical exertion. We still had a way to go though, thankfully that brief stop reinvigorated me and I had a sudden rush of second wind, just in time as well, as the hike became more challenging in a fun way. We clambered, scrambled, climbed, slipped, ran, jumped, fell, and walked for a bit to reach the summit of this rock, called Peak III.

Standing upon the littlest peak in the area, we were surrounded by snowcapped mountains looming over us, that dropped straight down into the Salish Sea below creating the Howe Sound. All that blood, sweat and tears was most definitely worth it.


While we were up there, we pondered a thought that the mountains we could see around us rested around 1000ft in height and that Mount Everest lies about 30 times taller than that, we concluded the conversation by saying that Everest was a pretty big chunk of rock and looked straight up at the sky at a plane, going “Yup, it's about that high”

The adventure continued to Peak II, where the view opened up to show more of the sea, the town of Squamish with kiteboarders and sail boats drifting back and forth along the mouth of the Cheakamus River below.

Oh hello, you've just caught me casually surveying the land

To descend down to the ground we negotiated, tight spaces, ladders, chained areas, graceful falling, freestyle navigation (read as: getting lost) and a long knee shattering staircase down, where for some bizarre reason I no longer felt like a hiker as I looked a bit weird doing it, my arms were flailing around in a mindless flapping motion like a recess uncoordinated unrhythmic parrot learning how to dance where the wings have been replaced by happy out of my control dog tails.

We made it down, feeling, hot, sweaty, shattered but pleased with our accomplishment, we hopped into the car as we had one more stop to make.

I'm not sure what emotion is trying to be depicted here.

Pulling over from the 'Sea to Sky Highway' we park up at Murrin Lake and promptly race slowly into the freezing cold lake for a quick relaxation and cooling off. Swimming along the calm flat waters surrounded by trees, cliffs and noisy motorway, this is just what the doctor ordered and I personally felt so good from it, I went in again once I dried off. I'm crazy wild like that.

Like swimming in a refreshing cool mint.

Concluding thought, A great day out but, would've been more enjoyable if God didn't take that last day off whilst building life etc. and used that time more wisely to install escalators and/or lifts into the side of every mountain to save me doing the hard work.

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