The 20 Hour Day: Part I - Local Hero | 5th June 2011 | 18:09 PDT

The beginning of my fourth of June started at around 8am, down the pub having a few coffees watching the England match, blah football blah, but met this fellow traveller who was doing the States also for 3 months and had just arrived in town - so made the experience of shit football, heaps better.

There were a few more international matches happening that day and as neither of us had plans, which I thought was extremely shocking to not have any plans - Y'know, for two people that have abandoned their lives and responsibilities back home to cruise around the world for a few months... years... life... We put the ingredients of empty schedule and the world's favourite pastime together and a plan was born!

Reenactment of whipping up the ingredients to success (via

Second match that day, Macedonia vs Ireland - the pub filled with (unsurprisingly) Irish folks and we got talking to a bunch of local Irish girls things were going all so well. Ireland were winning, drinks were flowing and spirits were high. until, it stopped... The football streaming service went down and the whole pub's visual and audio entertainment, broke.

This left many disgruntled football fans and one frightened/pissed off barmaid, who was breaking a sweat trying to serve people and fix the problem. Naturally, I leaped up out of my seat and I offered my services to fix the problem, I worked my magic for what seemed like a long 5 minutes, knowing that if I didn't get it fixed, I'd be made to walk the plank. Luckily, I was successful! - This rewarded me with many pints of liquid gold doubloons for me and my crew. Yarrrr!

We be, so happy! (via

Most of the Irish left as the next match was USA vs Spain and the pub filled up with the Americans, the Spanish and the confused-who-to-support Spanish-Americans. My mate and I got talking to this girl from New Orleans who gave our ears a workout from her constant brain stream that was coming out her mouth and in the process happily giving us a free phlegm shower, this really helped to refresh us from a long stint of drinking.

After the USA match, the place was filling up with the evening crowd and we started chatting to this couple, who happened to be attached to a birthday bar-crawl, of about 40 members strong, we met most of them in the pub, and chatted a lot of shit and we decided to tag along on their little adventure, unfortunately there was only 1 bar left on the agenda.

Stumbling what seemed like forever and a day, we arrived to this unusual bar, which was in fact, a seafood restaurant, but that was OK as it turned out to be pretty rad. The adult table with the birthday girl was full so a few of us broke away from the pack and created a kids table, where we ended up drinking and eating copious amounts of margaritas and oysters. God knows what we were talking about, probably the joy of eating oysters or joysters as it probably wasn't dubbed by the end of the night.

Not really, what I was expecting, but I'll roll with it (via

1am rolled around, which is when LA seems to shut down and the party dispersed and we all walked back to separate chateaus. I on the other hand...

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