All Art is Shit, All Shit is Art | 10th June 2011 | 16:53 PDT

All walls lead there

Today's visual amusement came to me after walking an hour down to the road "Cloverfield" where Universal, Microsoft and Yahoo reside happily side-by-side. Bergamot Center was where I was going to and I goinged there without too much bother, this place is like a creative industrial estate/strip mall, housing around 30 different galleries containing expensive bespoke creative nonsense.

William Turner gallery, had some great colour-popping urban cut and paste pieces by David Palmer

David Palmer's Oxygen from the series Walkabout

Gallery of Functional Art, didn't like the main gallery but the shop had some amazing pieces to buy, like a chair you couldn't sit on, now that's functional art!

Rose Gallery contained photographs by Rinko Kawauchi, a series based on city life in Brighton, one half of the exhibit had obscure perspectives on travelling, like people's feet rushing around the station, the other half were impressive sunset starlings of Brighton Pier.

Rinko Kawauchi's Untitled from the series Murmuration 

Lora Schlesinger gallery, had a Ann Chamberlin's South American paintings, detailed juvenile works of day-to-day living, like naked men pissing in a lake...

Leslie Sacks Contemporary, Jeremy Kidd displayed some amazing photography and John Okulick's 3D Art (mainly boxes of wood) photographic work looked fantastic.

Jeremy Kidd's Thames 2

John Okulick's Stronghold (via

The 'I Didn't Expect to like that' lights
Rosamund Felsen gallery had work by Jean lowe - a supermarket theme creating normal objects you'd find in a supermarket (no shit!) and painting the package design on cardboard re-creations. Doesn't sound as good as I've described but it surprisingly works.

A few pieces from Jean Lowes' Look 20 Years Younger series

The Best
James Gray gallery had my favourite pieces, most by Ervin Kaplan, bright, clean lines, bits of humour within it, doesn't take itself too seriously (Unless I've missed the point and I'm a really cruel person) They mainly all feature cleaners looking up a big objects like the Lincoln Memorial.

Ervin Kaplan (via

Other pieces in the James Gray gallery were a mixture of that now boring old "modern art" of paint splattered on a canvas, photos arrange to create elements of a city scene oil painting to portray the next modern life, like Jeff Gillette's Mickey Landfill 3 (Mickey Mouse, face down in a massive land-fill)

??? ?????'s ???? ????? ????
The Not Great
The main reason I went to the Bergamot Station was because of the super-raved SMMoA (Santa Monica Museum of Art) - and as you can tell by the heading, this place was crap. That's obviously not fair to the place itself as it housed a nice store full of eclectic items and people were very friendly.

Best thing at the SMMoA (this was located at the exit)

Just the main exhib on there at the moment was just dire, called "The Dark Lining" a collection of pretentious crappy art films - just screamed "oh look how kooky I am! All this social commentary I'm making with this bullshit video. Is anyone looking? I'm kooky and better than everyone else, LOOK!" I fucking hate art films anyway so my opinions is very bias on it anyway.
I did kind of like the "Park Studio: State of Mind" - 15-18 year old art students apart of the Park Studio project, creating banners to decorate the exterior of the local social club - to help promote being kind to each other or some other uplifting crap that adults think will work on kids that don't pay attention.

Other than SMMoA everything about this place was interesting, inspiring and free - shit hot awesome boy!

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