Road Trip - Day 1: Los Angeles > Joshua Tree > Phoenix | 14th June 2011 | 20:00

I've been living in Santa Monica for about 2 months and as my time is almost up here and still haven't seen any of this country outside the LA walls so to fix this, I decided to go on a little road trip around the south-west. It was only initially meant to be a visit to Phoenix, AZ after I saw a TV show Man vs Food, where the host ate a foot long hotdog at Alice Cooper's restaurant.

Plotting the route on Google Maps, seemed easy enough... I then added in Vegas and make a round trip of it, but then Monument Valley was nearby, so that got put into the roster. I got recommended Joshua Tree which was on initial route. I had to fit in San Francisco as I was on the road and I can't really visit California and not go there, added, oh look! Yosemite National Park is fairly close and a little off route, I'll nip through the mountains to on the Tioga Pass, done... Almost a bit more flying around on Google Maps, Canyonlands, Arches, Zion National Parks all got added to the list, and at the time Tioga Pass was closed, so I plotted a route up to Lake Tahoe and Sacramento was on the way to San Francisco from there and from San Francisco, I could take the coastal route home....

In the end my route ended up being calculated at around 3000 miles and was to be done within 10 days.
Los Angeles > Joshua Tree National Park > Phoenix (1 day stay) > Flagstaff > Monument Valley > Four Corners > Cortez > Arches National Park > Canyonlands National Park > Saint George > Zion National Park > Las Vegas > Tonopah > Bishop > Tioga Pass > Mariposa > Merced > Yosemite National Park > Carson City > South Lake Tahoe > Reno > Truckee > Sacramento > San Francisco (2 days stay) > California Route 1 > Los Angeles

As is the joys of the internet and its attention spans, this will be a very minimal photo blog giving a whistlestop tour of what I saw.

Leaving Los Angeles
Joshua Tree
Welcoming party in Phoenix

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