The same?! | 29th June 2011 | 21:13 PDT

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Popping into my local Subway for a sub, I had the joy of this conversation.
"Oh, you're back! How was your trip?"
"Yeah, incredibly amazing, simply life-changing"
"Wow, that sounds amazing"
"Hmm, it was. Sad to be leaving to Canada next week"
Awkward silence as she makes my sandwich
"Everything from the salad, except jalapeños, thanks"
She puts on lettuce... "Anything else?"
"Yes, everything. Tomatoes, spinach, cucumber, everything, except jalapeños"
  -  You know, the same selection of salad I have every time I come here
She pipes up away from salad talk, "is the money the same?"
"What, in Canada? No, it's a different country"
"No I know THAT, but on your road trip around the southwest"
"Oh, my road trip around America! Yes, the money is the same"
  -  Yep, this new revelation for her sounded like it blew the boundaries of thought and reason straight out the window into a black hole to create a new universe of wonderment.

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kandls said...

WOOOOW!!!! I sure hope that everybody you've come across here in the U.S. doesn't sound quite so intelligent. Here in the South East we take a lot of ribbin about the way we talk, but i think it's safe to say, that for the most part, at least, we know that our national currency is the same in each and every state, including HI. I promise we are not all on the same level, mentally. (what a maroon)