Winning wasn't won in a day | 3rd June 2011 | 16:45 PDT

I live in a house, this house has a mate within it, this is commonly known in the industry of "living" as a housemate. This housemate is flat broke and spends most of his time sleeping during the day and night and eats a lot of cheese, I don't know much else about him. He left the house recently and went and had himself a near life-ending/death-starting experience, and was bed-ridden for 3 days, yada yada yada, nothing out the ordinary.

I said, I don't want double glazing! (via

After he came back from the grave the morning of the 4th day, we shared some words of conversing in the kitchen. He was telling me about this episode and how someone threatened him and tried to strangle him and his throat got trapped within itself. He went into detail about how the last couple of days had completely changed his whole perspective on things and how he was going to try harder in life to achieve everything he hadn't had a chance to before.

He was making a smoothie at the time
I asked "What you making?"
"A smoothie"
  -  Gah, I should've guessed! "What's in it?"
"oh, just banana, strawberry, gin, you want some?
"Nah, I'm good thanks, you know it's 10am, right?"
"Yeah, but I'm going to the studio to sing, this helps he relax"
  -  Fair enough - we all get nervous and the pre-12 drinking rule doesn't really apply here in LA.

This just isn't healthy enough, it's need that extra kick (via

So, he went off to drink his health drink and I made my breakfast.
I ate my breakfast.
I returned to the kitchen.
I went to leave the house to be a twat in Starbucks.

As I walked out, I noticed him fast asleep in the front room with the TV on full.
  -  Taking baby step, I see

I return to the house, hours later.
Yup, he was still there fast asleep.
Though he had achieved something that day, he had turned in his sleep - so I was quite impressed!

You keep winning pal, you keep winning!

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