Excitement of crossing the street | 2nd June 2011 | 20:04 PDT

In Downtown yesterday, yes, yesterday. Not enough exciting things happened to me today, so I'm having to use the power of my memory banks to have a little flashback moment.

I was crossing the street
By the way this wonderful insightful story has begun, you know this is a memory that I will treasure forever and ever and ever, as will you after reading this, you'll fall asleep tonight, with your eyes closed (because that's how you sleep) and a smile as you recollect this special moment.

Yes, this special (via ellen.warnerbros.com)

To recollect, in case YOU forgot. I was crossing the street, or was I at this point?
No! I was just waiting at the sidelines, waiting for the green light to substitute me on to the road, at this moment in time, I am merely admiring the street was fairly wide, grey, shaded by a luscious green tree and had precisely 3 to 4 people waiting to cross it at the same time as I, including I. These people, including I, didn't all arrive at the same time, we arrived within seconds of each other, though as I did not time this, I can not be one-hundred percent sure.

As I waited there a big black car with two gentlemen dressed in suits were casually driving down the road, without a care in the world, other than the care not to break the law or kill anyone from wreckless driving, but OH NO! Suddenly! !!! !! ! !!!! !

Shock on a presidential scale (via mediabistro.com)

The traffic light changed from happy go-for-it-buddy green, to don't-you-fucking-dare red and the inevitable chaos ensued, the big black car, screeched to a silent and calm stop with only a compact-car sized gap between it and the cross walk. Personally at this point, I feared for my life.

As the man in front of me changed from hold-up-there red to run-run-run-for-your-lives green, I crossed it with my roadsite compadres, because as I was taught in ant school, there's strength in numbers - which is also the reason why I was carrying leaves from the tree on my back.

Now this particular street isn't my favourite in the world, it was just a street, it would rank above-average in the entire list of streets I have crossed since I've been here (below-average for all the street I have ever crossed, I think my favourite street would probably have to be the one, where my friends Paul, George and Ringo and I were crossing a black white section of a road, can't remember where it was)

I made a mental note to myself to spontaneously ponder that thought as I crossed the street, but that got interrupted by a lady next to me saying "Wave to the car"- petrified, scared and alone (with the others) - I did, I waved like a killer whale's tail or how an elephant would roar through it's long nose.

This is how I look when I wave (via theibug.com)

After the ordeal of getting across no man's land, this strange short creature piped up next to me, it was the wavy woman.
"Do you know who that was?"
"No" My eyes opened in awe and I was getting as excited as a puppy getting ready for a walk to find out who it was
"That was the mayor of Los Angeles"
"Wow" This made me as excited as a dentist appointment and my eyes resumed their previous state.
"Isn't that great!"
"You, strange woman, made me wave at someone, I don't know, care about, nor care about or know - why should I care about him, you're a disgrace, NOW BEGONE FROM MY SIGHT!" but that came out as "Sure, is"

This is the end of my story, or the exciting bit of it, the rest is just a distance blur of sunshine and of being pointed out a prison by her.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this amazing adventure as I have recollecting it - sweet dreams!

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