Any reason to party | 14th June 2011 | 01:34

Today is the day before my epic road trip across the land of the free and to see the sights and taste the landscape this fine country has to offer, so apart of this relaxation exercise I wrote a few postcards of how great life is and I needed to do now, is mail them.

I return home (I'm not really sure why, I didn't need too, but I did anyway) to find a bunch of strangers in the house, fair enough - nothing really out the ordinary as everyone in this country so far, has been a stranger so I'm used to gliding through these types of people I have no association with. I sort my stuff out and plan to head out to the mailbox.

My entrance into this party felt this awkward (
On my way out, I notice these strangers were drinking liquid bread (beer) and running low, and seeing as I was heading to the shops anyway I figured I'd go on a beer run for them... I'm nice like that, and was met with elated joy, one of the guys decided to join me and walk to the shops.

Later I found out, this was apart of the screening to see if I interconnected with this gang, so naturally to help me assimilate we got talking about afterlife, reincarnation, ghosts, all seeing third eye, premonitions, people, living, life and bunny rabbits.

This is how Xerox do their employee screening processing (via

You don't realise how insane and in depth you are within a conversation until (in this case you're walking into the store) someone overhears what you're talking about and puts on a face of pure 100% shock, like she'd seen a skunk speaking Shakespearian, soaring in a spaceship in a sheath dress, for the first time. The walk back on this sunny typical Monday morning carrying two crates of beer was met with equally astonished gasps of bemusement as people, were kind of jealous of us wasters as they were returning to work from their lunch break.

I return to the house to find out if I'm "in" within this party group, and the results from this interview... Accepted!
I ask what the celebration's about...
"It's a divorce party"
"Right, I don't really understand"
"Yeah, we're getting divorced"
"Well... err... congratulations!"

This is the only thing that could've made this party better, cake! (

After that, drinking, laughing, food, fun, frolics, general good times followed until 1AM, when everyone passed out, memorable highlights for me would have to be singing to these people and my first time singing in front of anyone, ever - that felt pretty amazing. Only the 5AM start in the morning was not going to be memorable nor fun, but well worth it!

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