The 20 Hour Day: Part II - The Owen Wilson Effect | 5th June 2011 | 18:50 PDT

Continuing from Part One from my June 4th story... It's around 1:30am and I was en route home from a long day of drinking and general fun that started at 8am.

I was sobering up from the fresh ocean air and long walk from the previous bar. I was walking along the Ocean (the road called Ocean, not the actual ocean, I'm no Jesus) and passed a hotel called the Shangri-La - I remember one of the first days I was here someone saying this place was kind of cool and it's worth checking it out. So I did.

I walked up the entrance steps and I've no idea about what the reception looked like, who was there, if anyone was saying "stop" - I was fully focussed on getting to the lift. Upon my arrival to the top floor, I was greeted with 2 options; to my right, a door with a security guard. to my left, a door without a security guard. Naturally, I aimed for the easy option and go for the side without security.

The easy route's reward
I walked through this small bar area and went outside to look at the view but this place was full of standoffish hipster wannabes - felt like a scene off some lame reality show off MTV. So, I bailed (that place was dead, anyway) and went straight through to the other side purpose and acknowledged the guard on the way through.

I noticed on my way through this had a more bespoke feel than the other side. It was clean, more respectable it was decorated with small white carpets upon a concrete floor, white chairs, white tables, bits of artistic driftwood and a small bar with smart people milling around it - it wasn't until I got outside to the terrace it dawned on me.

I was approached by this lady in a shiny dress "Who are you and what are you doing here?"
"I'm Rupert and I don't know, seemed like fun from the outside so I thought I'd crash the party and see what's going on"
"Oh... OK... That's brave, I'm Clare, wanna drink?"
"Hello, drink sounds good"
It was a free open bar, so I was pretty happy and the shiny lady and I, walked outside and was introduced to the party hosts.

"Suzanne, David. This is Rupert"
  -  My internal monologue went something like this: OK, David is in a suit with tales and a fancy handkerchief and Suzanne is in a white dress with old looking jewelry. Now, I've seen this style of dress before, but where have I seen it... Where!? ... Oh ... fuck ... I'm crashing a wedding ... This is so awesome!
"Hi guys, nice to meet you and congratulations! You two look absolutely brilliant together, so natural and lovely"
The skeptical bride replied "Thanks... What are you doing here?"
"Well, it just seemed like a load of fun from out there and thought I'd see what was going on"
"Hmmm, OK. Well have fun!"
  -  Fuck, that was lucky

There's a bride and guests there somewhere
After that, much dancing, drinking and story-telling followed. I was in my element and there were some great people at this party that really warmed to me crashing the party, and things were going well, I was chatting to the guys at the bar until one of them said

"Seems like the party's over for you"
"What do you mean?"
The hotel manager in charge, pulled me over to one side. "Sorry sir, this is a private function and you're not a guest here, please can you leave?"
"Well, how do you know I'm not a guest here?"
"Because sir, if you look around guests to this function are wearing suits..."
  - I look around, he was right
"...and you're in rusty ripped jeans, trainers and a hooded top"
  -  he was right
"Yeah, you're right. Let me have a final sip of my drink and I'll come with you"

This next moment felt like someone out of a really bad wedding film, where the someone rushes into the ceremony just in time to stop the marriage and declare their love. But without the love or the ceremony, as that happened earlier that day.

The bride saw me and questioned "Where you off to?"
"I'm being told to leave, as I'm not one of your guests"
"No you're not, but you're good - he can stay as he's our Owen Wilson wedding crasher"
The management, the muscle, and I all looked at each other, feeling a bit perplexed by this whole scenario, but it felt like I was given a key to the city.
"Thank you very much" I said to the bride "How can I repay you?"
"Get me a drink and meet me outside"
I got her a drink and met her on the terrace to have a dance and most of the party joined in, creating a dance circle - with everyone taking turns in the middle.

Overcome with unconfined joy! (via
The night came to a close with the most of the guests heading back to their rooms, while the bridesmaids and I were hungry and headed to a semi-local 24hour diner, called Izzy's for end of night food and chat. it was 4am by the time we said our goodbyes as I went back home and they went on to the after-after party.

Just. An. Amazing. Time.

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