Perils of working too hard | 28th June 2011 | 22:44

The last few days I have been consumed with writing about my road trip in my notepad.

At first, the "work" makes my eyes dart open as the bags under my eyes being to thicken, droop and cool off, everything seems fine and manageable at this point.

Uh oh... My throat is closing up, I start develop this undesired, involuntary action of burping and I can't stop it. Any attempt to, results in more burping. I have to lie down as brain reliant functions have ground to a halt.

A tingling sensation runs up and down my throat as these internal sparklers reach my lungs and can feel them dispersing to my skin making the hairs dance a Mexican wave of confused bliss that I'm not staring at a notebook any more. I fall asleep.

Oi, get off my bloody arm! (via
I wake up feeling as fresh as a daisy, yay, with more writing to do!

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