Ahh! John Wayne | 19th April 2011 | 16:12 PDT

The place where I experienced what I thought I experienced before I experienced it

I've just had déjà vu, even as I wrote that I knew I was going to write it, but seriously just before I wrote that I thought I was going to write a series of actions I had thought I thought I saw previously being played out right in front of me, like how I thought I remembered.

So, as yesterday was wasted working, well I wouldn't say wasted I was handsomely rewarded with sliced apple, sliced salami and giant salted Shreddies! Today I felt like a walk, I decided to go to a store called “Ahhs!” that I was recommended that may have my balls (juggling)

Wow, it looks so magical!

This place was incredible, well it was full of crap, but to the brim of unique and wonderful crap, such as life-sized cut outs of William and Kate, costumes, toys, everything branded was like Glee Magic Eight Ball, Spiderman Golf Clubs, Two and a Half Men chairs and Hannah Montana Condoms. Maybe not those exact items but my point being, this place is just full of shit. Absolutely shit.

Oh, maybe not
I ventured in anyway, if anywhere were going to have my balls, it would be here and after 20 minutes of being mesmerised by the fact that the majority of these fine items had a place on this Earth and wondering why all this go back straight into recycling.

I failed there and couldn't find my balls anywhere, I noticed a sports store next door so I thought I'd give it a go... but, they didn't have the balls I was after, but they did have many other fine balls for me to choose from, cheap ones too and after much deliberation, umming and ahhing, I decided to take ownership of three small white softballs that are used in the little league over here, result!

I skipped all the way to the beach via the house and walked about 100% of the way as the beach was 3 miles away from my then, current location.

En route back, I passed a cancer clinic called “John Wayne Cancer Institute” - after my initial thought of, surly that's a character name and not a real guy, my brain kicked in and I researched into it more and yes, he was a real person. He died of stomach cancer in 1979 and put himself forward for research to find a cure... My only issue is the logo choice of the institute, which is a silhouette of him walking away presumably towards a sunset.

(via centerwatch.com)

This says to me: If you come here, you're on your own, in the middle of the desert, and your demise is almost certain

Uplifting stuff.

I'm currently devouring a tuna sandwich on the beach, then I'm going to play with my balls for a few hours and I may juggle as well.

Composed: Perry's Café, Santa Monica

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