Where are you from? I'm from En-ger-land | 24th April 2011 | 20:37

Today, was a typical day nursing tiredness from the night before, which consisted of the usual. Meeting up with a friend, heading into the valley, have a few drinks with some people, all of which, seemed to be either writers or actors and then there was me... some dude from England being "so, yeah, I do web design..." - yawn

One of the best moments of the night has to be this kid, over enjoying the last of his spring break a bit too much. We got chatting for whatever reason, out of the blue he accused me of putting on an English accent and requested I stop as he didn't believe I was from England. This was something I couldn't really comply with, but I tried putting on an American accent and made up some bullshit story I was from Jersey or something.

Maybe this would've been more obvious? (via franceinlondon.com)
He proceeded to be the higher authority figure on how to do the accent and tell me how to do it properly, which by the way, he was adamant was so good he fooled English people in the past he was from Liverpool.

He said his piece in his best Liverpudlian accent on to say some token Brit saying "Lets put another shrimp on the bar-be" or whatever and I was totally fooled, it was absolutely brilliant... if Liverpool was located in the East-end of London and it was populated full of Dick van Dyke disguised cockneys from Mary Poppins.

At that point, we knew it was the bookend for the night and we decided to split. The place was dead any way.

Composed: Back at the House

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