Fox News on the scene (eventually) | 15th April 2011 | 16:04 PDT

“Oh my god, that is so so cool!” someone said
“Jesus, that is like, totally amazing” another said
“Oh my god is that a real whale?” said a third

Whatever was going on, it seemed to god damn massive and on a biblical scale and by my location on the pier, it must be something to do with action around the water and you'd be fooled if you thought it was an American paddling if you judged what was going on from the third exclamation (a low blow, I know)

That whale is there somewhere

What it actually was, was a seal (not a whale, though easy to get the two confused) that was really close to the shore having a bit of a laugh by playing around with the land-lubbers. This seal get huge kudos as he was catching a few waves and surfing with some kids and generally content.

Or he was struggling to escape the tide and will die of exhaustion, still everyone involved had a whale of a time.

Fox News appeared in the chopper hovering over the scene about an hour after the event, when the seal and everyone else had left to go back home and get some dinner.

Seagulls: Bigger than Fox News

Composed: Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica

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