Man, what a buzz kill | 23nd April 2011 | 15:45 PDT

Yeah, we're embracing and losing control to the music, man

After a gruelling session of sunbathing and juggling on the beach, I took a walk along the park to be confronted by a band just jamming in the sun, appropriately named “Under the Sky”

Until the police showed up and shut down their electrical equipment, as they were being too “loud” - they weren't, their singing was louder than their instruments, but apparently there's a law that you need a permit for playing electrical equipment in public, but acoustic is OK, so we got an even louder acoustic session being played out in front of us.

They're ideal for a lazy afternoon, great vibe and great entertainment. They play every Saturday during the summer between 2 and 5.

Composed: Palisades Park

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