I'm feeling those good vibrations | 27th April 2011 | 19:54 PDT

Last couple of days have been pretty chilled, watching football, making friends, finding a way to stay in this amazing city.

On my way back from Abbot Kinney Boulevard where I'd been to the Three Square Café and Bakery (great chilled out place with very tasty food, great vibe and friendly staff) I was cornered by a modern hippy on the beach front, he spoke to me and I return conversation. He had a strange looking chair that looked like a torture device, I was trusted it wasn't.

The recliner of ruin
I sat down on the recliner that was based on this ancient oriental meditation healing device, they said it works because you body is made up of 70% water and the sound vibrates through this and kills all the bad mojo, or something - I lost concentration as it sounded like bullshit, and yes I was skeptical

But yet I was taken to another place... they put a mask over my eyes and told to completely relax (well, duh) - and I had two thick bowls placed on my chest, that was meant to vibrate to the rhythm of my heart these (as pretentious as it sounds) were incredible, they reverberated throughout your chest and completely relaxed you.

In addition to these bowls there were gongs and tubular bells all around you, these created a soothing harmonious constant sounds that made your hairs stick on end and kind of put you in a different place and the sense of calm that flows around you, was simply incredible!

It's highly recommended, man!

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