The Mental Preparation | 12 April 2011 | 05:40 PDT

I'll just wing it and see how that works out for me

Another adventure beings, from New Zealand a few years back with a hilarious ending (lets hope not to repeat that experience but hopefully the excitement)

I'm off to America! California, Los Angeles, Santa Monica to be precise, so far so good, airport, aircraft, airdrink, Nike air, all gone swimmingly and all seem to be comfortable and no errors or traumas just yet.

Just flying between Scotland and Iceland at the moment, and been treated to an exquisite lunch of one layer of lasagne with tomato sauce, a bowl of lettuce, cake made from crap and a bread door knob, oh no, it's actually a bread roll and two small bottles of red wine, I've been charged for apparently, but there are no prices, probably about $10 each.

Maybe I'll pass out cold by then into a dream of goodness good... What was my original point of this brain dump? Oh yeah!

What to achieve here in this career break doing my career, as much as being paid to travel would be fucking ace, it ain't going to happen.

So may as well train up to be great at what I currently do and be good at something new, this something new can be anything, modelling, acting, ranching, surfing, entrepreneur, discovering, friending.

People who know what they want and are more focussed have it easier at the beginning of their "journey" - until they can no longer do what they want and come into big problems. People who don't know what they want and are less focussed have it harder at the beginning of their "journey" - until they can no longer do what they want and find something else get depressed about.

What bullshit that was!

I don't know what will happen or what I want, I guess take each day as it comes and say 'yes' a lot.

Guess we'll see.

Composed: In the air over Iceland

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