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Fame? Pfft, whatever.

My only concern at the moment is actually getting through the US Border, they can be intimidating at the nicest of times, it's almost if they're sick of people dropping  in on their country, I'm sure it will be fine. Once I've crossed that hurdle I'll need to sort out Canada as I'm staying there for 91 days, as a Brit I'm allowed 180 days due to the commonwealth but to save general headaches I may need to extend my stay in the States by 2 days, though I think being visa exempt the length of your stay depends on things like, money, friends in the area etc. etc.) - I'm not sure needs more research. If so, it'll mean searching into editing flights, buying new ones or going on a road trip, who knows.

It mainly depends on my confidence levels at the time July rolls around, It's hard to predict how the next 6 months will pan out, you can have an idea in your mind that everything falls to your feet like Hollywood would like you to believe (that metaphor seemed apt) but it really boils down to:
  -  Who you know
  -  How friendly you are
  -  working *fucking* hard
  -  luck?

I'm in no way aiming for fame, fortune and all those clichĂ© ways of living, to me that doesn't seem like living more like... I'm not sure, a public prison of other people's expectations and scrutiny and it's something that's really hard to reverse, in fact I dare to say that the achievement of "fame" is (Hard), removing "fame" requires (Hardx2), keeping fame when no one wants you to be famous (Hard²) so with that in mind, why do people love the idea of fame (or at least because I'm going there) Los Angeles has such a gear pull?

It can't be the weather, beaches, locally unique selling points, well, actually I'm going for the weather - regardless of my inane pondering flaw, the "average" Joe.

They must know that "I was discovered on the streets just walking by" is PR bullshit from the American tourist board as their first pull, next attraction can't be the wanting of being famous, look at the paparazzi magazines and give it an ounce of thought, no one would want that... not really. Everyone likes their privacy, their freedom, their uniqueness.

Being brought to the forefront of people's attention (in large doses) is like everyone reading your diary (haha, just realised, like this!) you've been exposed and torn mentally naked by everyone who knows of you and then you've got other people's instabilities to worry about, similar to having a best friend you don't know, scary.

Fame in small doses gives gentile tasters into what it's like, think, giving speeches, on stage, centre of attention for whatever reason, like slipping on an escalator and falling over.

You get a small boost, being slightly higher, facing everyone gives you instant recognition, an instant common ground with everyone there, but leaving a "mystery" where they don't become your best friends (unless you choose to be) you have that choice and freedom still.

On a side note, the giant fear going up and doing something in front of others is offset by every member watching, taking that small fear to come and talk to you after, to say how great/shit you were.

Like people who visit LA they want recognition of their existence. Knowing, meeting or seeing A somebody has far more gravitas than Being that somebody, it allows you (probably not consciously recognised either) you have that brief liaison it, you are then associated with that person. You tell everyone you know you met someone famous, when that famous person appears on TV, you're instantly given that boost as if you're sharing that moment with them, or when your friends see them, they will think of you and again you get another little boost, until they start falling off the rails, then you join them on that roller-coaster ride also.

You get all the reward without the grief

People who are famous, are subjected to that fate, the addiction, that's why they're famous, it's a fairly obvious observation that doesn't need to go further

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