Looking for that special substance | 25 April 2011 | 20:22 PDT

I was on the hunt for a well known Californian Mecca today, somewhere so special I was willing to walk a 11 mile round trip for it, that's dedication to the cause. Only because the craving was too great to ignore and I just had to find this place, and as I have been here for 2 weeks, it was about time.

My adventure involved my to clamber over and defeat a thousand tiny sand dunes, I fought hundreds of temporary locals speaking their weird confusing tongue, I wore my flip-flops to a skin's thickness on the boiling hot concrete, I negotiated through drugged up street rebels and dodging fast moving and wile hunks of metal and wood on wheels.

After hours of battling, I made it!

Cue some holy angelic music upon entry

In-N-Out Burger, The bestest most amazingest brilliantest wonderfullest fast foot joint in the whole of California... nay... THE WORLD!

You're damn straight, it's Quality, You Can Taste
I need to go back there ASAP and this time, I'm having everything massive and unusual off their not-so-secret menu... My mouth is watering all over the keyboard just re-thinking about it.

Cheeseburger RIP - 17:01 - 17:03
Composed: Back at the House

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