Sometimes, some things just have happen | 22nd April 2011 | 22:50 PDT

Well, it had to happen, really it did, sooner or later, it just definitely had to happen, there was way too much tension, pressure and nervous energy being built up, but it's out the way I can focus more clearly on tasks ahead, I can now walk down the street or work in public without giving myself whiplash or having one roving eye bouncing around my head looking around.

My boy Ducky, right here! (via

I've just, seen my first celebrity, well a celebrity I actually recognise, and most wouldn't. It was Ducky from NCIS or David McCallum as he probably prefers outside of his character (was also in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and The Great Escape) he was just walking down the street, I noticed his voice first, sounding very educated English accent (though from Glasgow) and it took me completely off guard as I just popped out to get my Subway on (footlong chicken orchard salad if you're interested, with all the salad possible) and I wasn't even thinking about seeing celebrity at the time, crazy, crazy, crazy.

Composed: Back at the house, Santa Monica

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