Weekly shop and the choices you make | 13th April 2011 | 18:06 PDT

This has nothing to do with shopping

I did a weekly shop yesterday! Holy shit, I hear you say... Which reminds me, I need shower gel.

I spent a good portion of my time looking at everything and seeing why the hell everything seems to contain chocolate or peanut butter. Actually that's obviously a lie. What I mean is there will be the normal standard version of a product you'd normally find in a supermarket, then there's the chocolate version, a peanut butter version and a chocolate peanut butter version, if you can't make up your mind. Then some topping really out what you'd expect like, tuna covered cereal bars or cheese or carrots or chicken and it extends to other food stuffs of the alphabet.

In all honesty I went shopping twice, first time was to look at everything and deciding what I should consume while I'm in this country, then the second time I actually bought food, mainly salad bits because I hate cooking, peanut butter and jelly, bread and tofu...

To... Fu

What the hell is this stuff? It tastes like toe jelly, not that I've eaten toe jelly but my conclusion comes from it looks and acts like jelly but unstable and crumbles on the touch (this is the extra firm tofu too) and toe cause it tastes vile, like a toe... after a run... in a plastic bag... with dog dodo in it. I really need to get rid of this stuff, it's useless!

I've had tofu before and it's been OK, but this is shit, shit shit! And I'll probably still buy it though cause it's super cheap, I'll just need to mix it up with expensive sauce, problem solved!

Composed: Back at the house, Santa Monica

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