Opening Night | 12th April 2011 | 18:30 PDT

Oh hello again - Venice CA.

Early evening here on Venice Beach, flight was comfy enough, wine was free (probably be stealth charged later) and customs other than being miserable shits, were friendly and accommodating.

Nothing of any incident so far, taxi from the airport had no idea where he was, he also happily drove on the beach board-walk and almost ran some Jamaican over in front of his crew, he was a Vietnameses driver - so probably only job he can get to make a living to support him and his family etc. - fair game to him doing it and fucking up, I saved $5 on my cab fare, so win-win... No idea what I'm talking about, it's early morning in the UK so anything in my body requiring blood will suffer.

First sip of beer in the sunshine is brilliant, though it tastes like smoker's lung - must be American Authentic! So, the last time I was here was 2 years a go, for 3 days, instantly nothing has changed but then again, why would it? Same hotel, same room (up one floor) same scenes. It feels like home a little bit, or just familiar, I'm pretty certain once I get stabbed/shot/hassled I'll bottle up and hate everything.

Walking up the board-walk to the fishing pier with the sun on my back, people still selling the exact same things, placed the same way, just the artists of society just getting on with whatever suits them at the time, I think that's pretty awesome, money's nice, living is nicer.

Any who, the surroundings haven't changed, I was expecting a little, but nothing changes really just the finite amount of situations and dramas that life throws at us.

Though I should add that my trip here isn't really to "experience", it's to live how it'd like and not eat into my savings too much, It's a practice run before I venture off the beaten track, with laptop and wi-fi, it's also to tick off 2 of my "must do by the end of the year" new year's list, that my sister made me do in a pub one evening in December.

  1)  Live by the beach (Even for a bit)
  2)  Freelance successfully (more money in than out)

It's to test myself not to give it all up and see shit and go "great" like most backpackers do, I will be just as drunk though and until I get settled, it'll be hard to define the future and that's the fun - THE UNKNOWN!

Composed: Mercede's Grill, Marina del Rey

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