A step into America's history... Almost | 26th April 2011 | 22:12 PDT

Today, I stumbled on probably the oldest place in America. A warehouse full of the old things, that added all up would make it the oldest thing in America, maybe. I found my local antique store.

Full of history and culture of generations gone by

Upon entering this "mart" it was like I taken back in time many many years, so many years back, I would probably need an extra 2 and a half digits on my hands just to count all those many years back.

I should have guessed "antiques" here in this 'ere country means, bric-a-brac - this was essentially a flea market, cleverly disguised as an antique store.

One of the many antique areas within the store and the types of goods.
There was really all sort of bits and pieces that were simply just over-priced junk...

Fish bowl of 8 Balls...hmmm $145? DEAL!
Half way through I got a bit hungry, luckily this was catered for with a delicious snack I could buy for only $80

Yummy, can I have seconds?


Hands up if you really want this next item (all these were $80 each)
Fantastic Royal Wedding mug memorabilia, yours for $49 - Deal. Done!
Composed: Back at the house

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