Aqueous Transmission | 20th July 2011 | 15:32 PDT

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Morning moves into midday.
Ocean's reflective and restful.
Sunshine slices shadows and sails through.
Illuminating the bay like a lamp.
Board bashfully beats on the big blue.
Slithering smoothly over the shiny surface.
Drifting by shoreline debris take me to Ha Long Bay.
Elderly couple casts off to scour a catch.
Breeze by basalt bulge of the bay, Siwash Rock.
Turning around...
Sun pulses against my skin.
Coruscating coloured cyclists stress along the seawall.
Cargo ships wait patiently, posed on the horizon's peak.
Fishing trawlers triumphantly return torpid.
Cormorants coil along the water's crest.
Herring gulls holiday on beaches.
Otter salutes before dashing down into the depths.
Board brushes the beach, closing this adventure.
Simple satisfaction of stand up paddling.

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