One Week, One Thought | 12th July 2011 | 22:11 PDT

Walking through town, the suburbs, the parks. The keynotes that this place is amazingly lacking in self identity. It all feels familiar but different, even the people here, look like someone I know, but... Not... Like, I'm in Ray Bradbury's short story 'A Sound of Thunder'.

As the expression goes, "too many cooks, spoil the broth". It feels like this is happening here, with influences from Britain shaping its history and mentality, America shaping elements, like road signs, suburban houses and Far East shaping the cityscape and business acumen. None of them are subtle either, they're all taking their 110% of having a strong presence here.

Where am I again?

It feels that Vancouver has the above-average of things but not quite enough to stand out to be the best and be a 'something'. My week here so far has been pleasant. That is it, that's what this town is, pleasant, everything's ok, pleasant, safe and everyone's happy. (Hastings and Main isn't on the other hand as that's where the drug fuelled homeless reside, even they are pocketed within a few blocks, and EVERY city has their own down areas, why should Vancouver be any different?)

This is, by no means, meant to be confused with boring, there are things going on and lots to do, just at a slower pace than what inner-city people are probably used to. Things happen... Eventually, like a fine wine - it takes time.

Hmmm, yes very... pleasant!

Thanks to the events being put on by the locals and passion for the city and what this city stands for, that there is a fantastic harmonious sense of stability amongst the diversity of the residents - that I have never seen before. I am yet to roll up my sleeves and see what's what, for myself.

but as it stands, its all very pleasant (except the variable weather, that I hate having to deal with - just be sunny!)

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