Long Days Filled with Fun Don't Seem so Long | 4th July 2011 | 05:23 PDT

It was time for me to go a party at a restaurant called The Curious Palate, I had been invited to by the owner the day before when we met at the mall/nightclub Santa Monica Place. I turned up and sit up at the bar and look around at the bustling atmosphere and the volume of servers running around for such a tiny establishment - I spoke to the owner and mentioned it was my birthday weekend (as he told me to remind him of the previous day) and he disappears.

Moments pass and he returns - 3 taster plates of gourmet BBQ consisting of; spiced brown sugar yucca fries, Cajun coleslaw, crawfish and chorizo potato salad, Carolina style BBQ ribs, Fijian albacore, smoked apple sauce, mojo glazed pork pincho's and chimichurri rubbed hanger steak. I've no idea what any of that was, but it was delicious and with the 2 pints of supplied sangria, I was having a marvellous time, gobbling down food, gabbling to folk whilst gulping refreshments.

I didn't get any pictures of the food, so this will have to do  (via flevoland.to)
After a few hours of this, I had to head off to my next planned bit of fun, so I call his attention and ask for the bill, "Don't worry about it,  Happy Birthday"  "That's awesome, thank you very much!" and I got picked up by my comedian friend at the early time of 10pm and we drove off into the forest thick of the Los Angeles urban jungle.

Picking up a movie star along the way, first stop Woods - this bar was like walking into a contemporary Canadian cabin made of cedar. Sinking beers and chatting shit, things were going well but thanks to a Goth DJ at the auditory helm, the atmosphere was equal to that of a morgue.
Solution was found at another bar called Bar1200, throwing a drink down us while were waiting for this model to join our band of merry men. We got liquor supplies and drove to the next and final location.

Like this, but with a Goth in the corner and more wood (via southernliving.com)
So, there was a comedian, model, actor and... me. We were negotiating through the maze and complications that are these high altitude roads within the Hollywood hills, the construction workers must've just made it all up as they went along, GPS made navigation almost a non-issue.

I was told a story by the one of the guys about, how parties in the hills used to be found in the good old days. You'd go to a liquid store, get out your car and head to the far end of the parking lot. There'll be a guy wearing a string vest, purple trousers and a moustache. Go up to him and say "I like to put fish in my ears and dance the funky chicken, naked" that's the password, in return he'll give you directions to a party, which would normally end up being a few doors up.

Oh, you crazy loon (via meghanmorrison.com)
We arrive to this door in a wall with greenery littering the entrance, the door opens to an inside/outside porch the size of a retirement bungalow, walking into this half castle/half English manor house, decorated in a mixture of white walls, dark wood, crystal vases, finest silver and chandeliers. We walk down a limestone turret to be met with a library room with cliché winged chair and fireplace to match. Taking the exit route through a wall through to the garden with the most impressive, jaw dropping, view over a night time LA, with visibility so good, I could see as far as San Diego, in the garden token pool, jacuzzi, fire pit and kitchen.

Just your usual inside fountain, tucked away in the corner
We all sat around the firepit and the conversation turned to our hostess and the house.

"Do you live here?"
"Yeah, I grew up here"
"Where are the owners?"
"My parents, they're in London watching the some tennis final"
"Oh cool, what do you have to do in life, to live in a house like this"
"My dad's in some band"
"Which one?"
"He's in this 80s band that sang about having a desire or craving for sustenance similar to a carnivorous mammals of the dog family and pertaining to an involuntary response to a stimulus"
"..." <- shock and silence "...Sounds neat"

430am rolled around and we left this fantasy land we briefly lived in for these few hours, one day that'll be me and it shall be mine, one day...

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