Bit o' Cultchar | 28th July 2011 | 23:50 PDT

I was led by a friend down Cambie Street that was hailed as being “The more cultured spots in Vancouver” - Fair enough, bit o' culture never hurt no one too bad, I thought and I followed without too much fuss well actually, no fuss at all, I was contented going along with this magical mystery tour.

We arrive at the pub basking in the evening sunshine. It looked like your typical pub, big windows, chairs and tables outside, door to go in and a chalkboard sign featuring a daily offer of booze. No sign of culture.

Walking in, all that glorious sunshine had gone, like it had forgotten its identification and wasn't allowed in. The interior looked purposefully run down with washed out walls coloured in various shades of terracotta and beige, with wooden furniture and Spanish art placed in various locations, it added to the whole experience.

We ordered a pitcher of sangria and the stage began to fill up with musicians, guitarist, singer, violinist, box drummer and dancers dressing in an unusual garb... The pin dropped about what I was going to watch, it was flamenco dancing!

Ghostly phantasm are big fans of Flamenco

The rest of the evening from the first tap of the shoe to the last strum of the guitar, was spent marvelling this musically rich, light and seemingly improvised playing host to a high quality energetic of display dance (but apparently there's been better displays as the musicians alternate – I didn't care) I loved what was going on in front of me and best of all, it was free!

The only thing that would have made this evening more cultured was if they served us with a decent pitcher of sangria, as the crap we were served, was essentially cordial with some fruit chucked in it. Can't win them all.

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