Life... You Crazy Sonuvabitch! | 2nd July 2011 | 01:33 PDT

Today, I was happy taking my time with life.
Today, life can just wait for me.

Walking down the promenade, I see this guy mouthing my name and staring at me, I wasn't too phased by this as everyone looks at everyone else here, the mouthing I simply put down to, a lucky guess and I continue my walk. Immediately afterwards, I receive a text from someone I met at a divorce party I went to. Then it dawned on me, the guy looking at me, was him!

I go say hi to him who's with another divorce party goer and we start drinking, if I remember rightly it was 2pm, which is way too early for Jagermeister... we did them anyway.

Vanilla Ice wasn't there, but his spirit was with me as I sang along to Ice Ice Baby (via
  -  Somehow... venue changed... to a brilliant apartment overlooking, Century City, Downtown and Venice Beach - with drinking, music, drinking, singing, drinking, chilling, drinking, laughing, drinking...
  -  Three hours passed, its dark and I open my eye to wake up from my 2:58 hour coma of fighting the effects of much alcohol and the desire to throw up (I lost the latter battle)
  -  We head down to Abbott Kinney road for "First Friday" (a carnival-esque atmosphere that occurs on the first Friday of the month, It's littered with people, alcohol and food carts) Unfortunately, due to my self-destruction earlier, we missed out on bulk of the action but, caught the tail end of this immense fun atmosphere.
  -  We head for the beach but never made it, as tiredness hit the people and alcohol filtered through their veins a fight broke out within the group over some minor politics.
  -  When I gave up trying to help, I got talking to these two girls and was invited to a nearby party (through the doorway where the fight was happening) at that moment, I entered the party, a magical rastafarian came from nowhere and magically broke up the fight in a instant.
  -  The party was rubbish because Red Hot Chili Peppers were playing on the speakers, so I got a cab home and I promptly hit the sack

Today, seems like life won't be waiting for me.
Today, seems like life wanted to sucker punch me instead.

BAM! Right in the kisser (via

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