Crap | 27th July 2011 | 14:26 PDT

Since I've been here in this fine city, I've had 3 beasts of the sky unload their bowels on me like heavy white rain from above. Also known as a Bird Blessing or more commonly, a birds taking a poop/crap/shit on you. I wonder what this could mean, is it good luck or bad luck?

Look at you sternly mocking me at my misfortune (via

Good Luck
Originating from word of mouth from years ago and this belief is intertwined within many religions and cultures. It has stood the test of time and is generally linked to wealth
Also, compared to being luckier than winning a lottery due to the sheer scale of the world and a human head being so small in comparison, this just makes me feel there's a fowl celebrating getting a Bullseye in a some sort of weird dart game.

Bad Luck
Science has linked bird droppings to a few fun diseases, such as:
Histoplasmosis – fever, leads to death.
Cryptococcosis – skin disease, body shut down, leads to death.
Candidiasis – yeast disease, affecting skin, mouth, lungs, intestines etc.
Salmonellosis – food poisoning
St. Louis Encephalitis – inflammation of nervous system, headaches, fever, leads to death.
Parasites - bed bugs, chicken mites, yellow mealworms, soft ticks, biting lice, pigeon fly and carpet beetles

On the Fence
Maybe they say it's good luck to make the unlucky target feel better about the situation

Either Way
I need a shower

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