Space Used for More Than One Thing? | 2nd July 2011 | 23:50 PDT

I look blankly at a blank wall. I'm thinking to myself "there must be SOMETHING, I can do with my night" - but it was already 10pm and my initial plans were destroyed due to an illness of my city compatriot.

I was still feeling partially tired and confused with my inner self from the previous night and was unable to read what I wanted to do... Eventually, my body gained clarity and volume and whispered "hot food!"

Yes. that is what I was missing from my life, some whole lot of wholesome food. Eager to leave my fortress of safety (leaving my camera and phone in the process) to brave the "night" - as it wasn't actually dark due to the brilliance of light pollution, there was no bravery to be found in the end, it just was and I walk to the Promenade.

Santa Monica Promenade mere minutes from midnight (via
I was taken aback, this place was still vibrant and energetic as the clock was whirling towards 11, shops were open, the street filled with people, the light design thrown on trees had completely changed the whole personality of this area, street performers, musicians, soap box political bandits, charity workers, everything

The best entertainment by far was when a spontaneous band formed as members of the public kept on turning up with instruments to join this, initially alone, saxophone player to create this massive jam session of noise that just seemed to work together.

The worst "entertainment" was a guy, with a small monkey on a leash. The monkey was looking distraught and members of the public seemed to be loving this animal being in pain and taunting it, I should have turned into the Hulk broken this guy's fingers and thrown him into tar pit. Makes me sick some people think they're better than animals and abuse them.

Relevant because the guy was the size of a elephant (via
..And breathe..

With that done, I reached Santa Monica Place, an outside multi-tiered mall that was the quiet after the storm or... it should've been, because it appears that public spaces around here are multifunctional. The mall was again filled with people even though shops were shut. I'm used to: you will party here, shop here, eat here at one designated place for eat activity between these two times.

These mix-aged revellers were even using those weirdly placed awkward chairs interior designers use to fill up awkward gaps within the architecture and amidst all this, an  audio ambience of tame drum and bass being played over the speakers, no one was dancing but this place stripped off its suit of day and has become a nightclub.

My livelihood is to be leisurely lethal! (via
I think it was just amazing that people use, respect and enjoy the same area in its many different forms, I don't know many places that could pull this off, I imagine the weather and ease to stay in one place and not having to drive, helps this unique entertainment oasis.

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