Brace yourself | 4th July 2011 | 22:54 PDT

Celebrate America Day!

It began like the beginning of any other today that begins in this way, the sun shined, the skies blued, the horizon horizontally stayed horizontal, except for when I tripped up on a tree branch and it horizontally became vertical.

Later that day, I was meant to be partying in Hollywood with an old school friend but she partied too much the night before and bailed. I had already got a bus at this point, so I ended up walking 20 or so blocks back to Santa Monica, en route I thought, I may as well grab a drink in an English pub - seeing as that is where I had my first pint when I arrived, so to create a full circle.

I got in, order a beer and sit down and start writing on my phone and this guy keeps looking over at me and breaking my concentration, I try to ignore him and decide when I finish my beer, I'll look over and deter him from looking at me by giving him a "This is a detering look".

Then I'll get my shotgun out and shoot him in the face (via
I finish this beer in front of me, having this persistent presence like a parrot poking my profile though out. I place my phone down and look up and across to prepare, shock and awe this person as I look over and give a "What do you want!" kind of face ... I hadn't really expected and embraced myself for what would happen next.

There this guy was, looking straight at me - Keither Sutherland, he was talking in the midst of half listening to another person I recognised but, don't know his name. Like a cow in the headlights all I can really do now, is nod. So, I not at him with a "Shit, you're kind of famous aren't you" kind of nod and he nods back. I don't easily get starstruck, mainly because I've no idea who most these people are.

Quit looking at me! (via
I get up to get another drink at the bar, I was still in shock due to being unprepared and couldn't really escape his gaze for more than a few seconds as I also kept looking back at him (which thinking about it now, is payback). I needed this situation to be "less awkward" so I gesture if he wants a drink with the international symbol of drinking, and he accepts saying "Jamesons?" - "OK"

I deliver drinks for him and his mate, he thanks me and we chat for a bit about general things was a really short chat, and go back to my chair for a beer that every time I go to have a sip gets shaken through supersonic vibrations driven by nerves.

I leave there sharing another nod with my mate KS.

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