Riveting Exploration | 22nd July 2011 | 20:53 PDT

Today, seeing as I haven't really left English Bay from being slightly obsessed with Soarfing, I thought "Shit, there's a whole magical city to explore - full of fun and vibrant things for me to experience and do stuff with as it slowly changes my life for the better" - I was told that there was a row of boutique stores and stuff of that nature down Main Street from Boardway to 33rd, this would lead nicely into Queen Elizabeth Park. Here's my photo exploration of this area.

Greeted with a clock, time to leave yet?
Wedding cakes that have seen better days
Ate here, it was unwhelming and tasteless
I received a golden service here
Went in here...
Nut'ing but antiques
Drank here, it was great for handmade coffee that tasted like it was from a machine.
Baseball stadium - yep
Happy to share the news that the Eden Project and the Beijing Bubble Building recently had a baby
Plant, tree, rock, grass, glass.
Fountains with retched little children playing in them
View over Vancouver, notice how Downtown is in the shade - sublime

I think you'll agree, that's the kind of hard-hitting stuff you'd see in National Geographic and I look forward to seeing this post in their magazine imminently.

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