Tastefully Drunk | 29th July 2011 | 16:34 PDT

The joys of having a large public market place like Granville Island fairly near by is that it attracts lots of tasty fresh lovely things for you to try, probably. Being a true Brit abroad, I skipped the food bit and went straight for the alcohol, but it was slightly thin on the ground, seeing as there are only two outlets that do tastings of unusual alcoholic produce. Here's my whimsical thoughts on what I tried anyway.


Granville Island Taproom
They have been making beer since 1984 and were the first mirco-brewer in Canada, won awards.

Sitting at the bar with a large light wooden room, with people discussing passionately on dark table sets about the liquid that's housed in tiny glasses.
I rock up and point at what the couple next to me is having, turns out to be called a Taster Round, where you can pick 3 beers from a selection of 8 to sample. I go for Cypress Lager, Robson Street and the Limited Release Nut Brown.
  -  Cypress Lager. A light at first then slowly sticks to your tongue releasing a sweet after taste from the honey put in during the making process.
  -  Nut Brown. First off, it smells like an old pub, its flavour is thick and chocolatey. it lingers seeping throughout the mouth and doesn't diminish like cigarette smoke - not my thing.
  -  Robson Street. An opaque white beer, feels quite full but counteracted and made refreshingly light from all the fruit flavours that subtly change the taste with each sip.


Artisan SakeMaker
Been making sake for... years! One of two Sake makers in Pacific North West, won awards.

Sitting in the sun, watching the world go by listening to the gentle strumming of a busker playing this guitar, I'm in the quaint little establishment, Artisan SakeMaker, a small curious shop that boasts being the only sake maker in Vancouver (and one of two in Pacific Northwest) I'm happily greeted by the people behind the counter as I ask for the Trio Tasting option.
  -  Junmai Nama. Light, fresh, delicate, mild fruity undertones skips around your mouth playfully before vanishing into thin air.
  -  Junmai Nama Genshu. Fragrance sits heavy in your mouth as the rich sunny flavour slowly glides over your taste buds.
  -  Junmai Nama Nigori. Cloudy liquid that's quick off the tongue is flavourful but, I can't put my finger on what it is, its mysteriously mixed in with a sweetness equal to that of watermelon.

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