The Sound of Music | 24th July 2011 | 10:54 PDT

What the hell, there's building in Vancouver?

Yesterday was the first day that the sun actually reared its timid head, well, it should have been here at the start of spring/summer fucking months ago. Never mind, it was good timing as it was a Saturday and there was a lot going on and it's always easier going from place to place in the heat and when people are in good spirits.

Slanted fun

Part 1 of 6 – Khatsahlano! Music and Art Festival
This is free street party held on the West 4th in Kilsilano to promote the area and the joys of retail shopping in real life.
The local authorities closed down 8 blocks along West 4th to be used as a pedestrian precinct and was lined with stalls from each shop and restaurant that operate on this strip, featuring hairdressers, clothing, charities, deserts, pet food, Italian ice creams, authentic Greek food, burgers, hotdogs, free belgium waffles, iced tea, cookies, competitions, games – like shoe tossing and soaking a fireman, beer gardens, skateboard displays, and a car boot sale.
There was more, and this being my personal highlight there was live music, around 30 local bands and spread across 5 stages up and down the street ranging from; rock n roll, indie, folk, experimental and (inappropriate for the mood but would've liked elsewhere) metal.
I didn't manage to see them all but I did mange to fit in the few hours I was there, Kingdom Cloud, Faceplants, DB Buxton, Hot Panda, My Friend Wallis, New Values, David Vertesi, Louise Burns with the highest accolade of being awesome going to Catlow, Ma Petite, Flash Palace and the brilliant Rich Hope
It was full-on, action-packed and busy with a fantastic buzz about it!
Highlight: Getting a free Vans hat


Part 2 of 6 – Festival of Art
Arriving here a bit too late as I was absorbed into Khatsahlano and missed the "art" bit of this festival, I managed to get here just in time for the big finale – the “world famous” hands-free watermelon eating contest.
Around 12 people were squashed together on this long table with there hands held behind their back, and it was a race to see who could eat these hugely massive slices of watermelon the quickest.
Highlight: Seeing the fattest man there win, like he'd won a marathon

DJ Casper didn't make an appearance

Part 3 of 6 – Afro-Brazilian Block Party
Situated on Granville Street, this was a small intimate affair and the energy of a party 10 times the size. A bustling area of food stalls and fresh produce was the entrance to a staged area where a capoeira and dance demonstration was being performed before an afro-brazilian instrumental band started to bashing out amazing beats.
Highlight: Drinking from a shaven coconut

Part 4 of 6 – The Beach
Meeting up with a friend and have a few illegal sun-downers of cold white wine on the beach, while people looked on with smiles and playing on the sand.
Highlight: Direct sunlight


Part 5 of 6 – The Battles
We headed over to The Rickshaw after a lengthy bus ride of confusion (damn you wine!) to go see a band called The Battles, words will not describe how amazingly awesomely fuckingly brilliant these guys were live. A three piece band from New York playing confused chaos of constant milk and honey to your ears, playing in front of two brightly colour changing screens with guest vocalist appearing on the TV sets, was a audible and visual feast of fantastic – Me and my friend didn't want it to stop and I personally, was close to depression when these guys stopped playing, they were that incredible.

Part 6 of 6 – Closing Time
To cope with our ending of an amazing gig, my friend and I headed to a pub to close the night on a few celebratory tequilas, which wasn't wise as I had to carry my friend home to their place – one of those journeys where a few blocks takes hours and hours and hours to achieve.

Great action-packed day, but as the wrong four on the clock rolled around, I was done and so happy to be in bed.

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