Reflecting my time, not wasting a second | 6th July 2011 | 10:06 PDT

I stroll along as slowly as I possibly can, to keep the rules of relativity at bay, to keep the pace of time to an absolute minimum and to try and keep those extra few moments of bliss of basking in this contentment. I feel like I'm walking in a bubble as I walk along the Palisades amongst the joggers, domino players, painters, hula-hoopers, kid playing chase and tourists snapping the view, I've never been so connected yet so distance to one place. I've said my goodbyes to everyone I know, the people that have accepted me and made me feel apart of the Santa Monica community, and taking this last walk before my ejection process from this amazing place is almost complete.

I look out from the bluffs, on to a sun baked coastline clutching onto the edge as it sweeps around the bay, with a partially faded Santa Monica Pier in the distance. The sea mist is starting to roll in and seems to be surrounding just me, as it slowly fades out Los Angeles, like these once positive and always-open doors of opportunity are now slowly shutting on me and my scope of what I can do here, the chasing of dreams and exploration has come to an end.

What a fucking incredible time here though, there is no reason to be down, everyday has brought its fantastic frolics, something new and exciting to be involved and submerged within this city, things I never thought would ever happen or even start to dream up. That road trip of super-concentrated adventure and life changing scenery and experiences - then on the flip-side, even the mundane stuff, like working in a Starbucks was still fun and enjoyable. Everything brought a smile to my face.

I can't look at this view any more. It's getting to me and making me upset, this whole area has been so kind, accommodating, friendly, accepting and generally brilliant to me, I really couldn't ask for anything more (well, perhaps a Green Card). All I see as I look around me are shadows of those good moments in time replaying themselves over and over again, as the light fades up on them, they waste away and slowly get forgotten.

Time has slowly worked its way to shrink my available options of what I can see and do for one last time, there's only one last thing for me to do, call a cab to the airport.

A single tear falls. Hitting the sand below. Creating a scanty crater. Vanishing in an instant. Like my time here. My Los Angeles blip. Boomed my bearings about. Stumbling upon something stunning.

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