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I love Starbucks, well not love but I like them a lot but, one thing Downtown has too many of are, Starbucks. There's 2 on every corner and 3 in-between each Starbucks between each 4th Starbucks, there's a Starbucks. I enter one of them thinking, being a chain they're all going to be the same and you know what, and you'll be dumbfoundedly shocked and flabbergasted to find out... ... ... They're different!

Just not in interior decoration, signs, merchandise, music, uniforms, layout, menus or customers but, in drinks (you get a LOT  less), price (though they cost a LOT more) and baristas...

"How can I help you?"
"Small Latte, please"
"Two of them?"
 -  I look behind me to see if someone has jumped on my back and therefore my order, but I'm the only one in here without a drink in front of them.
"Nope, it's just me!"
"I can see..."
 -  ...but...
"...You're not from here are you"
"I'm from England, just got here!"
"Yeah it is. Hey, is there anything I should do, while I'm here?"
 -  She walks off to clean the counter behind her.

Feeling a little bemused, I get my coffee and go sit down, half gazing out the window, wondering what exactly happened to me just then and idle moments go by.

Bemuse, meaning. To puzzle (via toy-tma.com)

I'm mid-sip of my coffee and I'm tapped on the shoulder, resulting in the spillage of valuable drops of expensive precious caffeine down my top.
"Haha, you spilt some silly"
"Ha, ha"
 -  It was my OK Corral barista from that moment a go.
"Sorry to bother you, but there's a free festival this weekend at Stanley Park, might be worth it."
 -  Wow, That's actually incredibly kind of her to come up to me and tell me that.
"That's actually incredibly kind of you to come up to me and tell me that, thank you!"
"No worries, enjoy your stay"
"Thanks, I will!"

It's going to be slow burner to assimilate to these here Canadians and create an  understanding, but I'll get there on the end.

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