75 minutes of banging | 6th August 2011 | 22:43 PDT

Ohhhhh, Arrrrr, Eeeeeee, Fuck me! (via vancouversun.com)

For the few nights of summer the perimeter of English Bay gets swamped with thousands and thousands of people looking out into the sunset and an increasingly a dark ocean waiting for 10pm to click around.

Why do they do this?

I will tell you why they do this! It's because of the international competition called Celebration of Light – which I can only describe as the FIFA World Cup for fireworks – it's pretty incredible.

For me to describe the 3 contestants, China, Spain and Canada and their displays would be the same as explaining a once funny “in-joke” to someone who wasn't there at the time of conception, describing it so much that it loses all its funny and the person still doesn't get it.

And... Boom goes the dynamite (via vancouverblog.ca)

You do notice subtle difference with each team's display – which I was surprised I noticed as I always fireworks were “just” fireworks.
China seemed to be about the massive amount of same fireworks filling up the sky, with big bangs – crowd pleaser
Spain seemed to be about the more delicate approach tastefully and pleasingly executed, impressive to look at but not so much a crowd pleaser.
Canada seemed to be about the super technical firework that exploded and displayed an amazing scene with each rocket that went up. A brilliant mixture of both quantity and quality – truly breathtakingly beautiful!

In all, you just have to put together every firework finale you have ever witnessed, multiply it by a thousand in volume, size, timing, noise, colours, technology, length, jaw dropping amazement and you're pretty much no where near to what is actually going on in front of you at the time.

UPDATE: China Won

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