Binding the Pacific Together with Food | 27th August 2011 | 22:57 PDT

One of the must-have things to have that you mustn't miss out on in Vancouver is Japadog, it's a food stall that serves Japanese hotdogs, I had no expectation but judging that celebrities I've never heard of, except for Ice Cube and Seven Seagal, eat from here quite often (according to their sign) – it had to be good.

"Yes, many many celebs!" - "Who now?"

I order a something-or-rather dog and the guy loving spends ages assembling it all together, the love that goes into each hotdog is beautiful, I wanted to inject it straight into my soul.

I received my hotdog and it looked amazing! Like a regular hotdog that's had a stylist come in and shake things up, it had a variety of different colours and exciting looking things that lied beneath a bed of seaweed, my mouth was watering to try and I couldn't wait to inhale it.

And this ladies, is where the magic happens

Munch... Oh, wow!

This is... this is... dull!

It tastes just like a very familiar and uninteresting.budget hotdog with some seaweed thrown on it, what the hell took him so long? I could've made this quicker and tastier than this guy, only using the power of the sun to cook the hotdog and swimming to seaweedland (or wherever seaweed comes from) and it might've been tastier.

Sorry Ice Cube, Seven Seagal and the rest of you unknown celebrities but, you're all tastebudly challenged.

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