Flowers, Rocks and Shit | 4th August 2011 | 18:34 PDT

I was engrossed in walking and having the sun on my face that I ended up walking 37 blocks away from Downtown. Thirty. Seven. Blocks. Another 10,000 or so and I'd be in Portland, Oregon – crazy! Thankfully, I decided to stop where I did or rather, a sign stopped me for the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens

Intrigued and needing the washroom, I enter – I wanted to look around the gardens but I'd have to pay a massive entrance fee for the privilege. To hell with that I thought – so I went through the shop which led outside practically walking around the glassed ticket office and out into the open expanse of the gardens, hurray it's now free to look around!

This was a beautifully compact and diverse landscaped gardens, giving the best examples of plant life from all around the world, with their own dedicated sections – as all plants look the same to me, I think photos are better explaining what this place looked like than adjectives.

Herrow Heron

Fountain and brightly coloured leafed things

Garden with a rock

Falling water over rocks

Maze. No Rocks.

Meadow with rocks

Vegetable garden, no rocks

Korean building in rock

Rock under tree

Arched rock into...

A rose garden (no rocks)

Big leafed bastards. No rock

Pond, lined by rocks

Rock looking plant on sticks

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