That's Definitely Unheard Of | 12th August 2011 | 20:54 PDT

*Don't let the sun go down on meee* ... board a plane heading west then.

Watching tonight's sunset with a friend, they immediately burst out laughing when they heard something to the words of "Das Meer der English Bay, ist es durch die Gezeiten beeinflusst?" followed by, "Wow, that's amazing, I didn't think bimbo Germans existed"

I unsurprisingly, looked perplexed as I've all know is a couple of weird sounding words arrive to my ears, followed by cackles of someone going partially insane. So, she translated what was so funny to me "The sea of English Bay, is it affected by the tides?"

I didn't laugh my head off as if I'd gone crazy, but I was taken aback that my stereotypical view of Germans have now been dashed slightly, but then again - they can't help having only having 1484.5 miles of coastline, poor tidal deprived folk.

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