Victoria: Day Three | 30th August 2011 | 21:00 PDT

Having taken in most of Greater Victoria and with sore feet, probably best I narrow my exploration to Downtown, though I got off to a false start when my initial coffee and muffin tasted like a piece of crap, so I went all over Downtown looking for a decent place, I did find one but now I have to retrace my steps again to absorb what I just saw through decaffeinated eyes.

Chinatown - Oldest in Canada, featuring dragons, grand entrance, unusual food, Chinese symbols everywhere, usual boring shit you get from these places.
Market Square - An enclosed area filled with restaurants and shops, that should be a lot busier than it was, because it was actually a really pleasant place to be.
Centennial Square - Fountain... whoop-de-doo.
Maritime Museum - Didn't go around it because I don't care about stories about scurvy and listening to a soundtrack of a boat creaking for 3 hours.
Antiques Row - On Fort Street a gathering of antique stores concentrated into one area, interesting few hours could be wasted looking around these small free museums
Art Gallery of Victoria - Way to expensive to justify looking around, so I didn't, nice little building though.

Castle house home

Craigdarroch Castle - I've been to a proper castle before, so a home made to look like a castle has the inkling of roped off areas with signs saying “this is how this room could've been” - and a few boring tapestries of elk or something.
Government House - You see one garden, you've seen them all, but as these were officially free to have a look around and was surprised how well maintained and loved everything looked.
Christ Church Cathedral - Ugliest. Church. Ever. (inside)

Ivy Hotel called Empress

Empress - Old hotel covered in ivy.
Royal BC Museum - I didn't fancy an expensive long lecture about how the native locals would be happy without the evil white man coming along stealing their fish and causing global warming, killing everyone and making it feel like it's all my fault. You never feel upbeat from being in a museum, you just leave feeling empty and worthless in the universe.
Parliament Building - Free to have a look around, was fairly interesting looking at old photos of Victoria and how it has changed, but when I entered a room with a giant painting of The Queen staring at me, I had to leave and find a bucket to vomit in.

View over the harbour

Harbour - Short walkway with buskers, vendors and stalls selling handmade goods.
Emily Carr House - I've no idea who this person is, but she lived in a wooden house and things I read about her, make her seem like a big douchebag.
Fisherman's Wharf Float Home - Floating community of houseboats, with fish n chip restaurants  with long queues.
Beacon Hill Park - Massive massive totem pole!

Big colourful wood!

Beach - Relaxed on the beach for a few hours, watching the waves and gathering my thoughts as kitesurfers rushed up and down the shoreline, very quiet and serene.
Harbour Wall - Probably the coldest walk getting there in all my life, as the wind had picked up, I grabbed a Hot Chocolate from a nearby café and watched my final sunset in Victoria

The freezing cold harbour wall

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